Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Easy Fan Transformation

I live in southeast Georgia, where it gets miserably hot during the summer, well, actually during all seasons but winter. So, in order to save on the A.C. costs, keeping a fan around is a must.
Though it's finally cooling down around here, I completed this a little while ago, so I figured I should go ahead and share. 

This is an easy project that will turn any regular tabletop or standing fan into a cool, somewhat retro looking, and overall nicer looking fan.

Now for the complicated instructions: just spray-paint it!
Yep, a coat or two of spray paint will turn a  raggedy, cheapo, white-plastic fan into something you won't mind leaving out while company's around.

For mine, I chose to use Rust-Oleum Specialty Hammered Paint For Plastic in Black. I like the hammered texture it gives, plus I got it for only $2 at Big Lots. But, any basic spray paint should work. Test it on a small area to be certain, if you'd like.

And Voila!

From this (something like this actually).......

Close Up, so maybe you can see the hammered texture
(click on it to enlarge it)

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