Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quick Tip: Cheaper Alternative to a Popular Kid's Drink (Adults love it, too!)

I usually get the yellow-orange(citrus) one in a container
that looks the big Sunny D containers.
If you enjoy the delicious sweet zing of Sunny D, then this if for you. I usually buy the generic or store brand version of just about everything, but I haven't been able to find a store brand version of Sunny D where I shop. However, I did discover Tampico! It tastes almost just like Sunny D, but a gallon of it is at least $1 cheaper. At my local Walmart where I shop for groceries, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to locate because it's not always right near the Sunny D, like most generics would be. Sometimes it will be in a totally different area on the non-refrigerated shelves with the regular juice, whereas the Sunny D will be in the refrigerated area with the milk and orange juice. Anyways, Tampico also comes in at least two other varieties, which I haven't tried yet but have heard are good. No matter which flavor you choose, it's a great value. And, to save even more money, water it down some. Once you get used to drinking it watered down you won't even notice that it's diluted. Plus, it will be healthier for you and help you to get in more water and less sugar. Happy Tampico drinking!

Must Watch T.V. Show

There's an awesome new show on MTV. And, to much surprise, it's actually entertaining, it keeps my attention, and it's even educational. Yes, that's right, an educational show on MTV. In case you don't know what show I'm talking about, it's called "World of Jenks". It follows Andrew Jenks, a 24 year old documentary filmmaker, as he tags along with and basically lives the life of another person for a week. The person he follows changes every week and widely varies from a homeless girl (or "houseless" as they say on the show) to a world poker winner. My favorite episode so far has been the heart warming one where he lives with a 20 year old autistic young man. This episode (episode 2, "Can't Make Me Be") is certainly a must see. One of the aspects I like most about "World of Jenks" is how real it is, and no, not practically scripted like most so called "real" shows on MTV. It gives you real insight to each of these individual's life and shows the struggles they deal with on a daily basis. I also like that Jenks isn't afraid to ask questions and hit on the touchy subjects. He gets to the real heart of the matter. If you haven't watched this show yet, you definitely should check it out. I feel that most all audiences will enjoy it and could learn a lot from it.

Chad and Jenks from episode 2, "Can't Make Me Be"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lovely Highlighter for Cheekbones, Browbones, etc.

     I've been on the hunt for a great highlighter to give my cheekbones that lovely "glow from within" look. I wanted one that would look natural and highlight my cheekbones with subtle shimmer, not glitter. Since I'm pretty much strictly a drugstore makeup user, my options were limited. I found one that seemed nice, Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls, but, at about $14, it cost more than I wanted to spend. So the search went on. I had heard that a few of Hard Candy's blushes made for nice highlighters, but I tried one and I didn't really notice it on my skin at all. Then, it finally hit me, why not try a shimmery eyeshadow? Duh! There's a wide variety of drugstore brand eyeshadows as reasonable prices to choose from.  The next time I was at Walmart, I came across Cover Girl's Professional Eye Enhancers eyeshadow in Champagne, which is a pretty, very subtly shimmery eyeshadow in a creamy beige-ish color. It works fantastically! It provides just enough shimmer to highlight without having annoying pieces of glitter or being too over the top. And at only around $3, it's a steal as far as highlighters go! If the shade Champagne doesn't work for you, you can still check out other eyeshadows in various brands and colors to find what does work for you.