Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bonne Bell My Style Concealer REVIEW

I have olive skin tone that will scar from the slightest touch. Ok, not actually just from touch, but anytime I have a breakout, a scratch, or a mosquito bite I'm always left with a scar that generally hangs around for at least a couple of months. So, I'm always in need of a good concealer to hide those pesky little imperfections. In addition, I also have serious dark under eye circles that have been there practically all of my life.

I was at my local WalMart in hopes of finding the much raved about Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer, but of course, in my little town they were out of it. But, right across from it were the Bonne Bell products, including the Bonne Bell My Style Concealer in a little squeeze tube that looked quite like the Hard Candy one, which also looks similar to the loved-by-many Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer. I immediately developed high hopes that this would be one of those secret-little-inexpensive-makeup-miracle products.

While I realize that Bonne Bell products are typically targeted towards young customers, such as tweens and even little girls, many adults love their lip glosses, especially the Lip Lites, and their bronzers, such as Blend n Glow (I personally didn't care for this one though). For less than $4, I figured this concealer would be worth the risk.

Unfortunately, it didn't really live up to my dreams and high hopes for it. For me, the concealer just doesn't cover that well. It needs to be more pigmented or at least a thicker consistency to work. It honestly doesn't seem that much different than a foundation. And if I try to blend it out, it mostly blends away. This certainly is not for covering blemishes. The staying power of it is also seriously lacking. It definitely seemed to fade away pretty quickly. Though I usually use products in colors of the medium to tan category, I chose this one in Cover Up (Light), which really does look more like a medium shade. It is also available in the shades Secret (Fair), Hidden (Medium), and Hush-Hush (Dark).

I also have issues with the packaging. It comes in a thin squeeze tube and contains 0.33 fl oz (10 ml). The squeeze tube part is fine, but on the end of the tube where the concealer comes out there is a connected brush. This would be fine if the brush was fantastic and just the right amount of product dispensed, but it does not. On my skin, the texture of the brush is fine, but it's a little too big to use on small spots and leaves the concealer too streaky for under my eyes. It also makes getting out the right amount of product difficult, because you don't know if you have enough out until it's all globbed up and gooping off of the brush, and then you have out too much. To make it work for me, I just squeeze it a little until I can see some concealer on the attached brush and then use my own brush and dip it into it. Another concern is that I imagine it will be quite difficult to clean and sanitize the brush part without dispensing any of the concealer or getting moisture into the tube.

I have been using this and will continue to use this on days when I'm not wearing much makeup and don't need my makeup to last that long. I mostly just use it on such days to cover the dark circles under my eyes and on larger areas such as my chin and nose to even out my skin.  Though I don't like it as a spot concealer, it would work decently as a handy, on-the-go, touch-up foundation.  Overall, I would not recommend this as a spot coverage or under-eye concealer, but possibly as a very light concealer to even out larger areas. I most likely will not repurchase this.

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