Thursday, October 14, 2010

Must Watch T.V. Show

There's an awesome new show on MTV. And, to much surprise, it's actually entertaining, it keeps my attention, and it's even educational. Yes, that's right, an educational show on MTV. In case you don't know what show I'm talking about, it's called "World of Jenks". It follows Andrew Jenks, a 24 year old documentary filmmaker, as he tags along with and basically lives the life of another person for a week. The person he follows changes every week and widely varies from a homeless girl (or "houseless" as they say on the show) to a world poker winner. My favorite episode so far has been the heart warming one where he lives with a 20 year old autistic young man. This episode (episode 2, "Can't Make Me Be") is certainly a must see. One of the aspects I like most about "World of Jenks" is how real it is, and no, not practically scripted like most so called "real" shows on MTV. It gives you real insight to each of these individual's life and shows the struggles they deal with on a daily basis. I also like that Jenks isn't afraid to ask questions and hit on the touchy subjects. He gets to the real heart of the matter. If you haven't watched this show yet, you definitely should check it out. I feel that most all audiences will enjoy it and could learn a lot from it.

Chad and Jenks from episode 2, "Can't Make Me Be"

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