Monday, June 28, 2010

Ouick Tip: Longer Lasting Lip Color

For lip color that really lasts and can be super cheap as well, try using lip liner as the main lip color. Simply line and fill in your entire lips with a lip liner in the color of your choice, then use your finger to blend it all together (If you like a really crisp, lined looked this isn't necessary). Let it sit for a bit to make sure it is completely dry and set in, and then dab some lip balm over it to moisturize if desired (just be careful not to wipe off the lip stain when doing this). This is also great because it also works like a lip stain so you don't get that lipstick-y look but still get color that lasts a long time. Some lip liner brands I like include the super cheap Wet 'n Wild and New York Color (NYC), which only cost about $1. I also really like Rimmel's 1000 Kisses Stay On lip liner, which costs more but is long lasting and smooth.

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