Monday, June 28, 2010

How To: Dry Flowers

If you've received flowers as a gift, simply bought some pretty ones yourself, or if you've been lucky enough to grow your own and would like a way to preserve them, then drying them is the perfect solution. One of the easiest ways to dry flowers, including roses, is to first arrange them how you would like them and then hang them upside down in a place that isn't warm or moist. I usually put a rubber band around the group of stems & then put another rubber band around them & use it along with a clothes pin to connect them to a clothes hanger to leave hanging in my closet (after I've cleared an area of course. And my closet doesn't seal completely so it gets some fresh air in it). It usually takes about a week for most flowers to dry, but it does vary so just check them and use your own judgment. Once they're completely dried, carefully hold or place them right-side-up and make sure they're still arranged the way you want. The final step is to spray them with aerosol hairspray, which will help to kind of "set" them, just as it would your hair. Now they're ready to be used to decorate with or simply preserved to save the memories. Just remember, they are still very delicate so handle them with care.

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